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Cover art by Nick Greenwood, for my story, "The Curse of Sally Tincakes"

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Ten astounding tales by triple award nominee Brad R. Torgersen. Go on fantastic new adventures at the bottom of Earth's oceans and at the edge of the solar system. Meet humans who are utterly alien and aliens who are all too human. Originally featured in the pages of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine as well as Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, these stories are gathered here for the first time, along with anecdotes and other commentary from the author.

Features the stories "Ray of Light" (2012 Hugo & Nebula nominee), "Outbound" (2011 Analog Readers Choice Award winner), and "Exanastasis" (2010 Writers of the Future Award winner).

Introductions by Hugo-winner Stanley Schmidt, Hugo winner Mike Resnick, and bestseller Allan Cole.

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Startling Stories meets Weird Tales in SPACE ELDRITCH, a volume of seven original novelettes and novellas of Lovecraftian pulp space opera. Featuring work by Brad R. Torgersen (Hugo/Nebula/Campbell nominee), Howard Tayler (multiple Hugo nominee), and Michael R. Collings ( author of over 100 books), plus a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia, SPACE ELDRITCH inhabits the intersection between the eternal adventure of the final frontier and the inhuman darkness between the stars.



The award-winning science fiction novelette from award-winning writer Brad R. Torgersen. "Outbound" first appeared in the pages of Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine, going on to earn the praise of readers and authors alike. Bestseller Dean Wesley Smith said, "[a] great story in Analog. That rocked me. Wonderful science fiction at its best. Well done." Dr. Jonathan Vos Post said, "Deeply human, fiercely envisioned, metaphysical and physical, tragic and yet filled with hope. This is an astonishingly mature and profound work of fiction." The story eventually went on to win the Analog Analytical Laboratory ("AnLab") Readers' Choice award for its category, 2011.


An alternate-history story, from a space program that... could have been. Nebula award nominee and Analog Science Fiction and Fact author Brad R. Torgersen tells the tale of Malachi Washington, Astronaut, during the days of President Kennedy's second term, when the double-front wars in Vietnam and Cuba begin to cut NASA's funding, and the Soviet Union's robust N1 super-boosters threaten to plant the Communist flag on the moon. When disaster strikes, it's up to Mal to devise a way to complete his mission. If he fails, it won't his burden alone. Along the way, he finds help in the most unexpected place in the solar system, and a partner who will be instrumental in deciding both of their fates.


One of twelve winning stories originally appearing in L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future, vol. XXVI, "Exanastasis" tells the tale of a man who has literally lost everything, and yet is given back the one thing in the world he wants most of all -- save for the fact that it appears to be broken. "Exanastasis" is a portrait of our possible far future, after the terrors of a world war have left the Earth barren... only to be renewed again. It's a story of tragedy, love, loss, and hope.


Life on the Scene was never easy. For simulated human Camarro Jones, working the murder-vice beat for ESBT Metro can be a stroll through hell. A serial murderer is hitting the Scene, knocking off humans and simumans alike. Due to her past, Camarro ought to be the perfect cop to track down the perp. She knows the Scene all too well. But she's in for a lot more than she bargained for, as her plunge back into the erotic, sadistic sex trade that spawned her could be Camarro's undoing. It's a story of blood and passion: one woman's fight to not only save the futuristic city she calls home, but her own hard-won humanity.


The slavers came in the night. They killed his wife, and took his daughter's soul. One man's crusade to hunt down the demon-god who possesses his child's spirit, and free her from eternal damnation. But the man finds an unlikely ally along the way: a beautiful woman of the Panjin people, who has also lost someone to the demon-god. Neither of them is ready for what they ultimately find, nor are they prepared for the resulting quest that will take them across hostile territory, to the edge of a continent, and beyond. It's a magic tale of vengeance, guilt, and immortality.


Corrd is an ancient warrior. A trusted servant of the Imperator of the Empire of the Nine Cities. But the peace that follows war does not sit easily with him. Embarking on a traditional Imperial hunt specifically designed to cleanse the soul and sharpen the mind, Corrd and his companion, Imperator Magga, ultimately find themselves fighting for their lives; and also much more. It's the story of two men pitted against the implaccable wilderness, not to mention the doubt that lurk's in one hero's heart. 


Kyle Senninger is an ex-soldier trying to make a living on the wrong side of the tracks in Seattle, Washington. When crime boss Marlon Sorroti calls Senninger with a special job, Senninger knows he'll need good help. His old friend Carlos "Burrito" Lamanchez, also an ex-soldier, is just the man. But they'll find slipping back into uniform isn't all it's cracked up to be. No battle plan ever survives contact, or so the saying goes. Leaving both men to put it all on the line, lest they prove that there really is no honor among thieves. A hard-mouthed crime tale from the Pacific Northwest.


"At the heart of it, science fiction and fantasy authors are at play in the fields of wonder, fueled by “what if” and held hostage by the people, places and problems that populate our wacky, slightly-offset imaginations and spill out of us in Story. And if you love Story, you’re in for a solid meal here. And this is just the appetizer. Over the next few months, the real meal begins as the individual titles make their way into the world.”
--Ken Scholes, from his introduction.
     Combine six of the finest fantasy authors working in the genre today: Mike Resnick & Brad R. Torgersen, Jay Lake, Mel Odom, J.M. McDermott, and Cat Rambo, and mix in veteran editor and New York Times best-selling author Philip Athans, and what comes out is the Fathomless Abyss: a wild new fantasy world where the laws of physics only work against you, there’s no way out, and time means nothing.
     This is the world of the Fathomless Abyss, a bottomless pit that opens who-knows-when onto who-knows-where, just long enough for new people from a thousand different worlds and a million different times to fall in and join the fight for survival in a place where the slightest misstep means an everlasting fall into eternity.
     Tales from the Fathomless Abyss features six new short stories, and it’s only the beginning. From here, each author will branch out to spin a series of new books sharing this impossible, explosive, infinite setting.
     Your fall into the Fathomless Abyss begins here.


War is becoming increasingly 'SF-ized' with remotely controlled attack drones and robot warriors already in development and being tested. Over the past 100 years the technology of war has advanced enormously in destructive power, yet also in sophistication so that we no longer seem to live under the constant threat of all-out global thermonuclear cataclysm. So what will future wars be like? And what will start them: religion, politics, resources, refugees, or advanced weaponry itself? Watson and Whates present a gripping anthology of SF stories which explores the gamut of possible future conflicts, including such themes as nuclear war, psychological and cyberwars, enhanced soldiery, mercenaries, terrorism, intelligent robotic war machines, and war with aliens.All the stories in this collection of remarkable quality and diversity reveals humankind pressed to the limits in every conceivable way.It includes 24 stories with highlights such as:The Pyre of the New Day' - Catherine Asaro.The Rhine's World Incident' - Neal Asher. Caught in the Crossfire' - David Drake. Politics' - Elizabeth Moon.The Traitor' - David Weber.And others from:Dan Abnett, Tony Ballantyne, Fredric Brown, Algis Budrys, Simon R. Green, Joe Haldeman, John Kessel, John Lambshead, Paul McAuley, Andy Remic, Laura Resnick, Mike Resnick & Brad R. Torgersen, Fred Saberhagen, Cordwainer Smith, Allen Steele, William Tenn, Walter Jon Williams, Michael Z. Williamson, Gene Wolfe.

From a misty beach in Massachusetts to worlds both distant and alien, some of the best writers in science fiction—some old favorites like Robert J. Sawyer and Stephen Baxter, some up-and-coming—explore some of the many places our future may take us. You’ll find problems we face right now, as in Edward M. Lerner’s “The Night of the RFIDs” and Richard A. Lovett’s “Tiny Berries”; and others that may (or may not?) be much farther down the road, like the very alien viewpoints in Juliette Wade’s “Cold Words” and Carl Frederick’s “The Universe Beneath Our Feet.” You’ll find engaging characters like the very young extraterrestrial with a critical mission (in the White House) and an unforgiving deadline in David D. Levine’s “Pupa,” and the retired astronaut with Alzheimer’s who must remotely salvage a Moon mission in Marianne J. Dyson’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” All are guaranteed to entertain and to make you think in ways you’ve never thought before.


The proceeds from this book go toward buying books and school supplies for underprivileged children through Writing for Charity (
     The stories and poetry in this anthology were all inspired by the legend of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. But you won't just find goats and trolls in here. You'll also find xenoarchaeologists hunting a legendary burial ground, a harried troll who wants nothing more than peace and quiet, star-traveling cities in search of resources, a cloaked warrior of prophecy, an honest politician, princesses on vacation, interstellar probes, superheroes (and villains), cursed princes, necromancers, fairies, bikers, aliens, violinists... the list goes on.
     Contributors to this anthology include New York Times best-selling author Shannon Hale, award-winning children's picture book author Rick Walton, Hugo Award winner (and Nebula Award nominee) Mary Robinette Kowal, Edgar Award finalist Dene Low, Nebula Award nominees Brad R. Torgersen and Nancy Fulda, and many other authors such as Kristen Landon, Lisa Mangum, Kristyn Crow, Clint Johnson, and Dean Hale. Nebula Award Winner Eric James Stone edited the anthology.



Red alert! Battle stations! Incoming enemy craft! Come join the fight against all odds to protect life, liberty and property in the far reaches of space. You and a few loyal crew members have one choice: fight or die together. The outcome depends on your skills, your speed and your wits, because your craft alone won't be enough.
     Would a sentient ship sacrifice itself to save its occupants? Would you risk your life to save those who arrested you and scheduled you for trial? Is there redemption for a failed soldier leading a ragtag crew? These questions and more lie at the heart of this collection: seventeen such tales of soldiers, pirates, smugglers, miners and civilians in over their head against both known and unknown enemies.
     With brand new tales from Hugo and Nebula winner Mike Resnick, Hugo, Nebula and John W. Campbell nominee Brad R. Torgersen, Philip K. Dick Award nominee Jean Johnson, and Hugo nominee Patrick Hester, this collecton also includes tales from David Lee Summer, C.J. Henderson, Matthew Cook, Jaleta Clegg and nine more authors.


First appearing in the December 2011 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, "Ray of Light" is both a tragic and heart-warming novelette of human endurance. Not your typical tale of alien invasion or apocalypse, "Ray of Light" is the story of Max and Jenna Leighton, father and daughter, trapped by catastrophe in the last place on Earth humans have been able to survive an endless, sunless night. "Ray of Light" is nominated for the Nebula Award, for Best Novelette, as well as the Hugo Award, for Best Novelette.